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64-Bilge, S.Dogan-Topal, B.Atici, E.B.Sınağ, A.Ozkan, S.A.
Rod-like CuO nanoparticles/waste masks carbon modified glassy carbon electrode as a voltammetric nanosensor for the sensitive determination of anti-cancer drug pazopanib in biological and pharmaceutical samples. Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 2021, 343, 130109

63-Burak Baykal, Gulce Kadikoylu, Huseyin Senturk, Yusuf Osman Donar, Ali Sınağ, Arzum Erdem

Preparation and characterization Gallic Acid - Titanium Dioxide nanocomposites for biosensing application on voltammetric detection of DNA. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry (2021) 892,115262

62-Sezen Tekin, Ahmet Karatay, Yusuf Osman Donar, Selva Bilge, Elif Akhuseyin Yildiz, Ali Sınag, Ayhan Elmali

Tuning the linear and nonlinear optical absorption properties of ZnS/ hydrochar nanocomposites by concentration of -nanoparticles Optical Materials (2021) 113-110849 

61- Pepe, Y.,Karatay, A.,Donar, Y.O.,Yildiz, E.A.,Sınağ, A.Unver, H.,Elmali, A.

Enhanced nonlinear absorption coefficient and low optical limiting threshold of NiO nanocomposite films.

Optics (2021), 227, 165975

60- The short-term effects of pyro-and hydrochars derived from different organic wastes on some soil properties

Jafari Tarf, O.Akça, M.O.Donar, Y.O.Turgay, O.C.Sınağ, A.

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 2021 (https://doi.org/10.1007/s13399-021-01282-7)

59- Pepe, Y.,Karatay, A.,Donar, Y.O.,Bilge, S.,Yildiz, E.A.,Yuksek, M.,Sınağ, A.,Elmali, A.

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58- Selva Bilge, Nurgul Karadas Bakirhan, Yusuf Osman Donar, Ali Sınağ, Sibel A Özkan, Emine Şükran Okudan Green synthesis of carbon based biosensor materials from algal biomass for the sensitive detection of vardenafil. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry (2020) 2020, 871,114286


57- Yusuf Osman Donar, Selva Bilge, Ali Sınağ. 

Utilisation of Lignin as a Model Biomass Component for Preparing a Highly Active Photocatalyst Under UV and Visible Light. (2020) Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 118,105151

56- Yasemin Pepe, Ahmet Karatay, Yusuf Osman Donar, Ali Sınağ, Huseyin Unver , Ayhan Elmali,

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55- Yasemin Pepe, Ahmet Karatay, Yusuf Osman Donar, Selva Bilge, Ayhan Elmali, Ali Sınağ

Thermal annealing and dopant dependence of nonlinear absorption characteristics in ZnO Nanoparticle/PMMA films (2020) Optical Material


54- Bilge S., Karadas N, Donar YO, Sınağ A., Ozkan S. 

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